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People Like You Are A Band You Should Be Watching Very Closely

5 July 2017 | 11:13 am | Alex Sievers
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And here's why. 

And here's why. 

Boston's People Like You aren't going to be a wide commercial success, that much is more than likely. This U.S. five piece's grand music - a mixture of mathy sounds, emo, indie and jazz - doesn't have "Chart-topping Single Commodity" written on nor anywhere around it. (I mean, if they did suddenly blow up in 2017, I wouldn't at all complain). Rather, this band's music screams for one's time, personal dedication and any and all in-depth analysis to be given, rather than a Spotify Playlist listing and is made for those who really listen. As their latest single, 'Variations Of An Aria' shows.

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If this new track is any kind of standard to go on, People Like You have obviously listened to a lot of Modest Mouse and American Football in their time, and I do mean a lot. From the wonderfully lush mixtures of dynamic trumpet playing, mathy ideals, and interesting drumming that characterised the latter's classic debut, to the warm yet moody and emotional guitar and vocal lines that made the former's hits like 'Ocean Breathes Salty' such touching, feels-heavy experiences; this group creates a beautiful and near effortless sonic trip.

Hailing from the Boston, Massachusetts, this indie-jazz outfit will release their second full-length album, entitled 'Verse', on Friday, July 28th via Topshelf Records. This new LP's lead single is the aforementioned and gorgeously delicate 'Variations On An Aria', a track that is as soft and touching as it is solid and unforgettable.

Now, this forthcoming record is set to incorporate literary references delivered via soothing pop melodies, contain various improvised sections for full jazzy points, and also include moments of classical guitar and breakbeats; all wrapped up in the always noble DIY/punk ethos that the Topshelf roster widely attracts (also see: Toe, The Saddest Landscape, No Vacation). And if this glorious single is but a microcosm of what the quintet's new record will deliver later this month, then 'Verse' could very well be an album that is not to be missed in 2017!

Do yourself a favour and stream 'People Like You' below.

Header photo credit: Elle DioGuard.