Paris Hilton Wants To Collaborate With Aussie Artist Peach PRC

12 January 2023 | 12:36 pm | Mary Varvaris

"I’m going to cry, love you so much," Hilton said about the Aussie singer.

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American media personality and businesswoman Paris Hilton has shared her interest in working with Aussie pop singer Peach PRC.

On her first date with her now-girlfriend, Peach PRC and her crush enjoyed a picnic and listened to Hilton's iconic single, Stars Are Blind together.

Peach PRC then wrote her song Perfect For You based on that date night. "I convinced the girl I like to sing a part of a Paris Hilton song, and then I put it in a song about her," Peach said on TikTok before teasing the lyrics, "I’m in your sweater. Don’t want to upset her. But I can do what she can do so much better."

Hilton's team sent the video over to her, and in the comments, she indicated that she would be up for working with Peach PRC in the future.

"The fact that Paris has endorsed the song by dueting with it on TikTok is so special to me," Peach told Confidential (via the Daily Telegraph).

Hilton commented on another TikTok, "I’m going to cry, love you so much".

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she better marry me bc i will literally never top this move

♬ Perfect For You - Peach PRC

"Even today at breakfast, this guy came over to the table who I would not have guessed would be in my demographic and he said he was a big fan, it’s crazy," Peach said in a recent Purple Sneakers interview. "It’s definitely more than I ever thought. I hadn’t even dreamed this far ahead when I was younger so I can’t say it was comparable to anything I thought it’d be because I didn’t even think I’d make it this far. So it’s just so surreal."

Peach PRC dove into the personal introspective while creating a total bop with Heavy, accompanied by a matching music video.

The video, directed by Sydney-based creator Stephanie Jane Day, looked to tap into that ethos with a visual representation of the tune itself.

“The film we made for Peach PRC's Heavy embraces the more interior and vulnerable side of us all, the isolation of feeling like a difficult person and knowing that you have a lot to give despite it," Day explained of the project.

"Finding peace and acceptance in the things you don't have and can't control. I wanted to indulge on Peach's behalf and take all this to a place of peace and beauty. I wanted the film to complement the song."