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P Diddy Arrested After Allegedly Assaulting Football Coach With Kettlebell

23 June 2015 | 12:30 pm | Staff Writer

Claims he acted in self defence.

Turns out hip-hop mogul P Diddy takes his football very seriously. 

The rapper, real name Sean Combs, has been arrested after allegedly getting into a physical altercation with his son's football coach at a practise session.

According to TMZ, Combs confronted Coach Sal Alosi who was believed to be targeting his son, Justin, during practise by "screaming intensely at him" while training at the UCLA facility.

Upon addressing the Alosi, an altercation occurred involving a kettlebell weight and Diddy was subsequently arrested for assault.

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Reports have emerged that the 45-year-old star claims he acted in self defence upon entering the Alosi's office who attacked Combs after telling him to leave.

While one source claims Combs used the weight to throw at Alosi, another says that he held the kettlebell in a defensive position with no intent to hurt the coach.

P Diddy is currently in custody at the campus jail.