Overheard At BIGSOUND Day One

5 September 2018 | 3:42 pm | The Music Team

The somewhat explicit word on the street...

Hello BIGSOUND, we're listening... Probably a little closer than you would like us to be, to be honest. Without further ado, here's the first instalment of our infamous Overheard At BIGSOUND for 2018.

"I am drunk, gonna go home, get changed, undrunk myself and then come back out" - a first time BIGSOUNDer learning some value lessons.

“I wouldn’t get into a bidding war for them,” muses one pundit on Brunswick St. Wait, are bidding wars still a thing?

"It never rains at BIGSOUND" -  Q Music CEO, Joel Edmondson.

"It never rains at BIGSOUND" - literally everyone running between sets last night.

“Did you pack an umbrella?” Every interstate visitor on Brunswick St.

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"There's so much on. I need to split my body Horcrux style and send them off different ways" - look out for Basilisk fangs there, friend. 

“See you at VOIID” - overheard a few times on the street last night. The gig ended up being one of THE destinations of the night. And post-gig reaction seems to have resulted in a 'love em or hate em' divide (SPOILER ALERT: we love em).

“We thought there’d just be five people... It’s not just my mum.” - VOIID on the turn up to their show.

PR watch
Ro seen writing poetry on her posters as she plasters them around the Valley:

One label type seen attempting to swim in a flooded gutter.

"He’s like a folk Johnny Thunders” - punter at Emerson Snowe's show.

Label head seen checking out, and enjoying EWAH & The Vision Of Paradise. “These are great,” points out another influential industry type.

Bands being buzzed about on the street - night one: Kwame, Clews, Eilish Gilligan, Carla Geneve.

Mullet watch
Drummer of Sunscreen - a big party at the back and serious work at the front.

Emerson Snowe - the night's most versatile mullet. An art mullet perhaps?

Spotted an excellent mullet onstage? We want to know!