Otep release new song

23 March 2016 | 10:52 am | Alex Sievers
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Otep, the rock metal project of singer Otep Shamaya have released the first song off their upcoming album, 'Generation Doom'.  

Otep have released the first song off their upcoming album, 'Generation Doom'.

The latest song from "The Tribe" is called 'In Cold Blood', with the band due to release their new album through Napalm Records later in 2016.

Singer Otep Shamaya shared some of her thoughts on the song, in the YouTube comments of all places, with the following post:

"This song was really hard to share because it deals with something so private and personal, but I’m glad I did. The bit of writing that created this song is: There are nights I think of you / Suffering in the sweet amnesia of nostalgia / Then I remember the cold loneliness of being by your side and I hear my own voice whispering in the night / There’s something wrong with me for thinking somethings right with you. In cold blood. In cold blood..."

It's definitely on the lighter side for Otep and co. but still within that alternative metal sound they've had for yonks.

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