Are Aussie Outfit Sunk Loto About To Make A Comeback?

11 May 2022 | 9:16 am | Staff Writer
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Sunk Loto are one of those Australian bands lost to the sands of time, but hot damn there was a minute there where they really dominated in the heavy scene - and there is an incredible amount of people wishing and willing them back into existence. Today, they're starting to change their social media profiles etc's profile pictures, and... could this be it? Could this be perhaps a tour or live show? New Music? Sunk Loto, we need answers!

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Sooooo, it seems like Sunk Loto are teasing SOMETHING. There seems to be an across the board changing of social media profile pics from the band-endorsed Facebook Page and from the band members, so that can only mean.... they're back and active doing SOMETHING, right?

Is it a tease of a live show or dare we even dream... Live SHOWS? A Tour? New Music? Full Time return to active band status? WHO KNOWS? Sunk Loto, we dare you to reach out and spill the tea!

They changed the profile pic about an hour ago, and already it's got us listening to their back catalog. May the nu-metal gods shine upon us this day!

One of the biggest indicators here that there is potentially something pretty concrete happening, at least on the live side of things, is that Matthew 'Yogi' Donnan, founder of Nobody Presents, who ran The Other Festival, and was instrumental in the reunion of The Butterfly Effect and COG, also changed his social media profile picture this morning to the Sunk Loto logo. It stands to reason that if he's involved, that he may be the one to also bring the parties together again. Maybe it's time to nick-name Yogi 'The Band Whisperer'. Might pay to watch this page -

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If you aren't across Sunk Loto, they formed in Gold Coast, Queensland in 1997 and signed a deal with Sony Music Australia - when the members' average age was just 16. They released two studio albums, Big Picture Lies (13 October 2000) and Between Birth and Death (17 November 2003), both reached the ARIA Albums Chart top 50. The group disbanded in December 2007. They played all over - and Chino Moreno from Deftones was pretty instrumental to their explosion in popularity. Check out the Metal Injection article below.