Live Music To Benefit Amid Major Changes To NSW Venue Laws

17 November 2020 | 8:07 pm | Staff Writer

"Mirror balls, live music and dancing are legal in NSW."

A slew of changes to outdated NSW venue laws are on the way.

The Liquor Amendment (Night Time Economy) Bill, which contains 63 amendments “which drastically reshape the legal and regulatory landscape for entertainment in NSW”, was passed by the Legislative Assembly this afternoon.

The state’s live music scene is set to benefit greatly from the overhaul, with the following entertainment conditions ceasing to have effect, as highlighted by Shadow Minister for Music and the Night Time Economy John Graham:

  • Conditions that restrict decorations, including mirror balls
  • Bans on live music
  • Restrictions on the genre of music that may be played (rock music, country and western, jazz)
  • Restrictions on the number of musicians that can take the stage
  • Restrictions on the type of instruments may be played
  • Conditions that require cover bands
  • Conditions where the band has to face a certain direction

“For the first time we have inserted in the planning and liquor laws new provisions that make it clear that mirror balls, live music and dancing are legal in NSW,” Graham said prior to the bill passing through the Legislative Assembly.

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“These are part of sweeping changes to the bill that reshape the planning and liquor laws to provide incentives for those venues that opt for music, rather than just relying on alcohol and pokie revenue.”

Upon passing the Legislative Council last week, the changes to the Liquor Act, Planning Act, Local Government Act and the Building Code were described as the biggest overhaul of regulations on live music in New South Wales "in a generation".

Last year, Surry Hills bar Goros was forced to remove their mirror ball, while earlier this year over 30 live music venues across New South Wales had "outdated and unnecessary" liquor licence conditions removed, including mirror ball restrictions.

BREAKING: the amended Liquor Amendment (Night Time Economy) Bill has just passed. The Bill now includes a total of 63...

Posted by John Graham on Monday, November 16, 2020