New Kylie Minogue Incoming

10 July 2024 | 9:23 am | Mary Varvaris

The new music teasers arrive after fans called for a "Minogue Laneway" to be erected in Melbourne.

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue (Credit: Edward Cooke)

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Kylie Minogue is teasing new music before her performance at BST Hyde Park in London on Saturday (13 July), but it looks like a collaboration.

Whatever new track Minogue has been teasing on social media this week is set to feature American pop singer-songwriter Bebe Rexha and Swedish alt-pop singer-songwriter Tove Lo.

The new music teasers began on Monday (8 July) when Minogue shared a photo of a pink silk fabric with a link to pre-save something new on her Instagram Stories. The pre-save link notably had stickers of the Scorpio, Gemini and Virgo star sign emojis.

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This morning (10 July), Minogue and her potential collaborators increased the teasing. In an Instagram post, the Australian singer and actress hummed a tune to herself before dialling the number for “Mom”: “606”. A snippet of new music is heard before Minogue says, “Hi”.

Bebe Rexha and Tove Lo shared similar videos, dialling 606 and saying “Hi”. Each caption for the posts has one of the star signs seen in Minogue’s previous pre-save link. Kylie Minogue is a Gemini, Rexha is a Virgo, and Lo is a Scorpio.

You can view the posts below.

Could Kylie & Dannii Be Receiving A Minogue Laneway In Melbourne?

On Monday, a fan named Eliza Day shared a petition calling for a Melbourne CBD laneway - “Minogue Laneway” - to be erected in the city.

Day stated that Kylie and Dannii – Melbourne-born singer and actresses – have “significantly shaped the entertainment industry for decades.”

As for why they’re good candidates for having a laneway named after them, Day continued, “Their contribution to the music industry combined with their unwavering advocacy, love, and support for the LGBTQIA+ community makes them deserving of recognition in their hometown.”

Day and the petition’s signees believe the gesture would be a “fitting tribute” to the Minogue sisters for their “contribution to society, culture and the entertainment industry.

“This action would not only symbolise Melbourne's appreciation for their work but also encourage a positive message of inclusivity that both sisters and our city champion.”

Over 600 people have signed the petition.

Melbourne Lord Mayor Nicholas Reece couldn’t confirm whether the CBD considered the petition but said the city was increasing its efforts to “commemorate incredible women”.

Reece said (via “Melbourne should be so lucky to name one of our iconic laneways after the famed Minogue sisters.

“We recognise the significant contributions Kylie and Dannii have made to our city – both as pop icons and Melburnian ambassadors to the world.

“We’re increasing our efforts to commemorate incredible women for the vital role they’ve played in shaping our city through our new place and road naming policy and the soon-to-be erected Vida Goldstein statue.”