New Adelaide-Based Indie Label And Promotions Agency Launches

9 November 2015 | 12:07 pm | Staff Writer

"This whole caper is my attempt to open the curtains on some good shit, I hope."

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In some great news for South Australians, former housemates and current lovers of working within the music industry, Ryan Winter and Tom West have announced their plans to launch a brand new independent label and promotions agency based out of Adelaide.

West will be nurturing Poke In The Eye Records, having spent years as a touring musician. They'll be having a launch party on Thursday, 10 December at The Metro in Adelaide.

"I realised that most of my favourite music was being made by my friends in their bedrooms, hallways and cupboards. So this whole caper is my attempt to open the curtains on some good shit, I hope.

"I also felt like, for us small town folk over here, we'd be yelling and yelling into the dark abyss about heaps of cool stuff. Then, out of the blackness comes a big fat finger to nail you right in the eye." 

Poke In The Eye have a few things up their sleeve already — first, the release of Todd Sibbin's forthcoming album, The Bottled Ship Got Freedom, as well as the production and release of Brisbane's O' Little Sister with her debut EP next year. West himself will also release a new live album next year.

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Elastico will operate as a full-service music, arts and cultural promotions and development agency, built from a partnership between Winter's By Popular Demand project and West's Poke.

Using Winter's experience as a publicist for venue mainstay The Gov, Elastico will be aiming to grow creatives' brands, maximise exposure, develop and promote their material and shows and reveal to Australia and the world the fantastic treasure trove of creativity that Adelaide can be.