Buffalo Girl Returns: Neneh Cherry To Release New Album

23 May 2012 | 3:35 pm | Staff Writer

Neneh Cherry doesn't want people exclaiming, "Here comes Neneh's solo album! She hasn't had an album out for 16 years." But guess what...

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Ninties club icon Neneh Cherry is back. With her first solo album since 1996.

In an interview with The Guardian though, she says that's the last thing she wants pointed out, "I didn't want to have people going, 'Here comes Neneh's solo album! She hasn't had an album out for 16 years!'"

Cherry's new album, The Cherry Thing, is to be released through Oslo-based Smalltown Supersound, home to Annie and Lindstrom, and is recorded with jazz punk outfit The Thing.

Although best known for her pioneering house pop album Raw Like Sushi, Cherry had previously been a member of punk funk group Rip, Rig & Panic and is the step-daughter of jazz musician Don Cherry.

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In the past few years, Cherry has been playing in the band CirKus with her husband Cameron McVey. But she told The Guardian, " "I started feeling a sense of urgency. 'OK, I'm going to close the doors and sit down. I want to make a solo record.'"

Cherry also talks about her at-the-time controversial appearance on a 1989 episode of Top Of The Pops when she performed her hit Buffalo Stance while pregnant: "I remember some doctor saying that what Neneh Cherry's doing could cause her child harm, that sort of bollocks. But I feel really proud of having done that. I didn't feel being pregnant took anything away from my sexuality, who I am, the woman. It felt like a positive thing to celebrate it."