Need Some Strength? Ngaiire Shares Her Top Power Tracks With Us

2 October 2018 | 5:15 pm | Staff Writer

Ahead of her 'Nocturnal' appearance this week.

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Sydney based artist Ngaiire is just days away from her one and only show for 2018. This Friday night she'll be taking to the stage as part of Melbourne Museum's Nocturnal series, which this year looks at power in all its forms. 

To celebrate her appearance, Ngaiire has shared her top 10 power tracks with us. Check out them out below.

Amazing Grace - Gurrumul
This is already one of the most moving gospel songs there is but having this sung in his own Yolngu language draws from an even more sacred place. 

Baltimore - Nina Simone
This is a just as much a testament to the song as the artist performing it. Randy Newman wrote this and was covered by a few people but Nina really gives you that uneasiness that Baltimore is known for.

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Buleria - Kiki Morente 
I’m in a flamenco hole at the moment and am desperately in love with Buleria singing. They draw from a place that I like to draw from when I sing. Hearing the women sing it is even more spine tingling. 

If I Tremble - Jack Grace 
He’s my favourite Australian artist right now and it’s not just 'cause we’re working together. One day Australia will wonder why they slept on him for so long. His music makes me feel how Joni Mitchell make me feel in Both Sides, Now - like I want to cry real tears into my pillow for my fake broken heart.

Don’t Touch My Hair - Solange 
This was and is a very important song for me and a lot of black people and has further propelled the conversation of the politics of our hair. 

Ain’t No Way - Aretha Franklin
Aretha is my idol so it was extremely difficult to pick just one song that I thought was powerful. I live for space in a song and you really get to feel everything she sings more because of it. You don’t find too much space in pop music today. 

Tavurvur - Papua New Guinea Stringbands with Bob Brozman 
A song about the volcano in Rabaul, PNG that destroyed my home in 1994. The annoying thing is that it doesn’t say where exactly in Rabaul this particular stringband comes from. A bit short sighted on the late Bob Brozman’s part and also disrespectful to the people. Stringbands came about around when old sailors left guitars on the island round the 19th century. A bit more light hearted but I love happy sounding songs contrasted with devastating lyrics. I’m very interested to research more on its ethnomusicology.

Cornfield Chase - Hans Zimmer
They don’t pay Hans Zimmer the big bucks for nothing but this one makes me weep. It's from the movie Interstellar, which I’ve watched 1000 times because outer space and I love outer space. It would not have been as colossal without Zimmer and you really get the vastness of the parent child relationship and space he drew inspiration from to compose for the movie. 

My Man’s Got A Cold - Paul Kelly feat. Vika Bull 
Paul’s sharp as a whip writing and Vika’s cutting delivery just kills me. I can’t even with PK. Long live. 

This is America - Childish Gambino
This had a lot to do with THAT music video. I still haven't picked my jaw off the floor. Long live also.

Ngaiire plays at Nocturnal this Friday, check out theGuide below to find out more info.