MTV To Expand In Australia, Despite Redundancies

22 June 2012 | 12:13 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

The television network denied pulling out of the territory last year.

MTV have plans to expand their business in Australia following a restructure last November that caused a number of redundancies.

Last year's restructure reduced the network's local presence and put the emphasis on delivering American and European-based shows such as Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore, Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant.

However Philippe Dauman, president and CEO of MTV's parent company Viacom, has told Mumbrella that they plan to expand their reach into the Australian market.

“Australia is a great market for us, although it's not a huge from a population stand point," he said.

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“I see our Australian operations as solid, and we expect to expand there. There is more potential in the absolute sense in markets such as China and India. But in the relative sense, we expect to get bigger, and add more brands to the market.”