Moshcam Launches Mobile Platforms

24 March 2012 | 7:31 am | Staff Writer

Pictured: A mock-up of the iPad app

Pictured: A mock-up of the iPad app

Moshcam have today made their “most exciting development” in launching their mobile app across Apple devices.

The free app will allow users access to Moshcam's library of professionally-filmed concerts, which they claim is over 1,000 sets. The app comes with free single-track videos and interviews, with the full concerts available for a few dollars each.

The app is available across iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch from today.

Nine months in development, the app was finished before Christmas with the “finishing touches” being applied until now.

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Moshcam's Chairman Stephen Peach told Your Daily SPA today, “This is probably the single most exciting development we've had in our history so far.

“We've always thought that this is the natural progression for the way in which the world is going really and it had been part of our plan for quite some time now expand into the mobile space, particularly with the advent of tablets. The experience on an iPad is pretty spectacular and the ability to put it up on an Apple TV device is wildly impressive too.”

Last year the company inked a deal with Sony to have their internet-ready Bravia TVs pre-loaded with Moshcam access.

“That Sony Bravia distribution is global, there's a channel on Sony Bravia TVs all around the world – or certainly in all the main markets,” said Peach, who said it has raised the profile of Moshtix around the world.

He added he believed it to be “One of the more popular channels”.

Moving forward, “Developing an Android app is next for us, and reaching out to what I guess is the 'other half' of the world, and we've got a range of addittional add-ons and things that we're already trying to develop.”

He added, “Our aim is to be very broadly based, not to be backing any particular technology or hardware provider and really let the fans decide how they want to access Moshcam.”

The app is available here.

You can watch Moshcam's videos online here.