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Morrissey 'Coming Around' To The Belief That Capitol Records Sabotaged His Album Release

8 February 2023 | 10:43 am | Mary Varvaris

"Morrissey is ‘too diverse’ for Universal Music Group."

(Pic by Sam Rayner)

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Morrissey has left another note for his fans on his website. Through Messages From Morrissey, the singer interacts with fans by issuing touring, writing and recording updates, tributes to friends who have passed away, and the way he views the music industry.

In the latest message, Bonfire Doused, it's unclear if Morrissey has a ghostwriter or writes in the third person. The message reads:

Morrissey is ‘too diverse’ for Universal Music Group. 

Capitol Records (Los Angeles) will not, after all, release Morrissey’s 2021 album ‘Bonfire of Teenagers’. At the same time, Capitol Records (Los Angeles) are holding on to the album.

Although Morrissey officially signed to Capitol Records Los Angeles, there has been no mention of Morrissey on Capitol’s website or on their Artists roster.

Morrissey has said that although he does not believe that Capitol Records in Los Angeles signed ‘Bonfire of Teenagers’ in order to sabotage it, he is quickly coming around to that belief.

In December, he left a note on his website entitled Roll On 2023. The statement said, "Morrissey has voluntarily parted company with Maverick/Quest management. Morrissey has also voluntarily withdrawn from any association with Capitol Records (Los Angeles)."

The following day, he posted another message called Miley Is A Punk Rocker with a photo of the pair in the studio. "Miley Cyrus now wants to be taken off the song I Am Veronica for which she volunteered backing vocals almost two years ago," the How Soon Is Now? singer claimed.

He continued, "This comes at a time when Morrissey has disassociated himself with Capitol Records (Los Angeles), who control the hidden album Bonfire Of Teenagers. Above, Morrissey and Miley during Miley’s session for I Am Veronica."

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In November, Morrissey announced that his forthcoming album Bonfire Of Teenagers had been postponed indefinitely.

Bonfire Of Teenagers is no longer scheduled for a February release, as stated by this site. Its fate is exclusively in the hands of Capitol Records (Los Angeles).”

In a since-deleted post made earlier in 2022, Morrissey announced that the album would be slated for February 2023. The announcement read, "Capitol Records  (Los Angeles) will release Morrissey’s Bonfire Of Teenagers in February 2023. 

"The album will be released worldwide except for the United Kingdom, where there is no label deal."

"Bonfire Of Teenagers is produced by Grammy-producer Andrew Watt, and was recorded in Los Angeles.  The musicians on the album are Jesse Tobias, Andrew Watt, Josh Klinghoffer (ex-Chili Peppers), and Chad Smith and Flea (both of the Chili Peppers). The album features Miley Cyrus and Iggy Pop on additional vocals."

At the end of his most recent letter, Morrissey shared a link to a Medium article written by Fiona Dodwell, entitled Why An Unsigned Morrissey Proves A Lack Of True Diversity In Music. Dodwell argues that the former Smiths singer has been "cancelled" for "speaking uncomfortable truths".