Molly Meldrum 'Very Lucky' To Not Be Permanently Paralysed Following Thailand Fall

2 February 2016 | 10:45 am | Staff Writer

Music legend is recovering in Bangkok.

Doctors have told Aussie music legend Ian "Molly" Meldrum he is lucky to not be in a wheelchair for life after he took a nasty fall during a holiday in Thailand last week. 

The 73-year-old fell outside of his hotel in Bangkok and after being taken to hospital, it was revealed that he had dislocated his shoulder and cracked four ribs.

In an interview with Channel Seven, Dr Apichai Chiayaroj said the damage that Meldrum's spine suffered from the injury could have resulted in him being permanently paralysed. 

"…He is very lucky that the two parts of the spine that was crushed didn't collapse the spinal canal altogether," Chiayaroj said. 

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So close was Meldrum facing serious injury, the beloved film critic felt it necessary to belt out a rendition of Kylie Minogue's Lucky as he embraced doctors. 

"So relieved and so happy," Meldrum said. 

He initially travelled to Thailand to escape the hype of the upcoming two-part TV series based on his life, Molly, due to air on Seven this month.

"Shows how I stuff things up," Meldrum quipped. 

Yesterday, it was confirmed that the former Countdown host returned to hospital as his injuries are 'more serious than first thought' and it has also been reported that Meldrum's brother has flown to Thailand to be with him and possibly attempt to bring him back to Australia.

Fairfax have since questioned whether the Meldrum's injuries have been reported to the extent it has to help promote the biopic ahead of its premiere this week. 

"None of this is to suggest that Molly Meldrum isn't seriously injured and in need of medical attention," the Fairfax article reads.

"But there's something a little distasteful in the way Seven is treating Molly's bad turn as a good one, making hay with a closed loop of publicity thinly veiled as news, none of which fails to mention the forthcoming TV show."