Minus The Bear Split With Drummer Over Personal & Creative Differences

2 February 2015 | 5:15 pm | Staff Writer

Erin Tate had been with the band since their inception in 2001

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Long-serving Seattle-bred indie outfit Minus The Bear have parted ways with founding drummer Erin Tate after 14 years of service as a result of widening "personal and creative differences".

Taking to social media to spread the word, the band expressed the news "with heavy hearts", sparing no sentimentality when it came to reflect on their time with Tate, with remaining members Jake Snider, Dave Knudson, Cory Murchy and Alex Rose (himself a 2006-onwards replacement for previously exeunt keayboardist/producer Matt Bayles) seeming resolutely saddened by his departure.

"Erin is one of those rare talents and we consider ourselves lucky to have been able to share teh past 14 years with him since this band first started," Minus The Bear wrote.

"His creativity, talent, and drive undoubtedly helped get Minus The Bear to where we are today. We wish him the best of luck in all of his future endeavors."

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Likewise, Tate (on Twitter) expressed that there was no remnant animosity in the wake of his departure.

"For those asking. No bad blood with the guys. I love all 4 of them as much as my REAL brother. I wish nothing but the best for all. Kill it!" he tweeted.

Tate joined Minus The Bear in 2001, when its members came together from the ashes of other outfits such as Botch, Kill Sadie and Sharks Keep Moving. He has performed on every full-length to date, from 2002's Highly Refined Pirates (and preceding EP This Is What I Know About Being Gigantic) right through to 2012's Infinity Overhead, objectively doing his best work on albums one through three (which also include 2005's Menos El Oso and 2007's Planet Of Ice) before being relegated to slightly less inventive arenas for 2010's OMNI and 2012's LP.

Minus The Bear are currently working on recording the follow-up to Infinity Overhead. You can read both posts below the following tracks highlighting Tate's super-smooth, time-bending talents.