Minecraft User Spends Three Months Re-creating Toto's 'Africa'

11 January 2023 | 3:28 pm | Emma Whines

“The first note block song I’ve made that used every single fricking note block sound in the game!”

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A Minecraft user has reportedly re-created Toto’s Africa in the game "using note blocks and command blocks."

The user posted their creation on Reddit, announcing, “After 3 months I finally finished this project! Heres a snippet of Totos Africa in note blocks and command blocks.

“This project for me was a culmination of a bunch of different ideas that I at one point thought were all beyond my capabilities so I’m really proud of what I’ve learned. I really encourage you to keep at it! You may surprise yourself with what you can do, I know I did.”

They continued on to say, “the first note block song I’ve made that used every single fricking note block sound in the game!”

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Comments under the Reddit post have Minecraft users in awe at the patience and talent exhibited by the creator. 

One Reddit user commented: “By far the most impressive MC ‘music video’!!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! (best song ever too!)”

YouTuber and gamer Jake Lucky also joined in on the fun, sharing the video to Twitter, commenting, "This creator spent 3 months recreating Toto - Africa in Minecraft with complete pixel animation  She placed over 17,000 note blocks and 19,000 command blocks to make it happen..."

Minecraft is a videogame that allows players to create and break apart various kinds of blocks in three-dimensional worlds. The game has two main modes, Survival and Creative, where users can choose between playing the game to survive (e.g. finding their own building supplies and food) or playing the game in a creative capacity, similar to what Reddit user Stacinator did. Best known as a ‘grinding’ game, users can spend years building their world and repeating the same commands over and over to harvest resources. 

Africa by Toto was originally released in 1982 as the tenth and final track on their fourth studio album Toto IV. The song was immediately beloved by critics and fans alike, hitting number one on the Billboard Hot 100 quickly after its release. What wasn’t predicted at the time was the song's ability to carry, as it’s still cherished as one of the most unique pop songs of all time in the 21st century.