Mike Patton Confirms Mondo Cane, Finishes Tomahawk LPs

16 August 2012 | 3:00 pm | Dan Condon

In an interview with theMusic yesterday, Mike Patton confirmed details of his next two releases.

In an interview with theMusic yesterday, the incomparable Mike Patton has confirmed two new releases that will be seeing the light of day rather soon for the two acts he is bringing to Australia over the next six months.

Mike Patton's Mondo Cane will be in Australia for the Harvest Festival this coming November and, when speaking with Christopher James, mentioned that a new album for that project had been record and now just has to be “put in the assembly line”.

“I've got one that's half done already,” he said of a new Mondo Cane record. “I've just have to put it in the assembly line and get it done. It's not far off. It basically was done by the same method the first one was done, meaning a lot of tracks were recorded live, taken into the studio, chopped up, overdub stuff, to try and create the illusion that it's actually a studio record. It's about the same number of tunes as the first one, ten or eleven tunes. It's basically the same repertoire that we play live, so it's about half of that.”

He also mentioned that Mondo Cane would be in Australia as a ten-piece band with an accompanying 12-piece string section.

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And while fans have been expecting a new Tomahawk record by the name of Oddfellows for a little while now, Patton was able to tell James that yesterday was the final day in the studio for that band, who will be in the country for Soundwave 2013.

“Today [Wednesday 15th August] is our last day in the studio,” he announced. “I'm not present. They're doing it there in Nashville. Via email and phone I'm approving mixes and whatnot.”