Dave Wanted Dyson To Be Boy

9 July 2012 | 11:59 am | Dan Condon

Mia Dyson broke away from Eurythmics' Dave Stewart after he tried to have her marketed as a bi-gender musician called BOY.

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The career of Mia Dyson could have ended up very differently, it has been revealed, as the Australian-born, US-based, blues inclined singer-songwriter tells of her professional relationship with Eurythmics mastermind Dave Stewart.

It is reported that Stewart wanted to see Dyson portrayed as an androgynous bi-gender musician called BOY as he and his Weapons of Mass Entertainment company took Dyson under their wing.

In an interview published in the weekend's Sunday Telegraph, Dyson says that she nearly made herself sick when contemplating life as the kind of performing artist that Stewart wanted to create.

"Dave wanted to bypass any hard work and try to make a splash by changing my name," she said in the story.

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"I nearly made myself sick thinking, 'This is my big break, this might be the opportunity to have an international career but I have to do this thing if I want to do that'.”

Dyson made the move to the US to further her career under Stewart's guidance; she released an EP and snagged some high profile tours, but last year realised that she wasn't comfortable being portrayed in the light Stewart wanted her to be.

"I eventually realised that it was crazy and ridiculous and just didn't feel right for me,” she said. “Dave seemed to be this potential big break for me.”

Dyson's new album The Moment will be released in August.