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Members From Melb Band The Harpoons Launch New Instrument Company

15 June 2016 | 1:39 pm | Neil Griffiths

Introducing Hundo Instruments.

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Two band members of Melbourne outfit ​The Harpoons are launching new musical instrument company Hundo Instruments, which produces unique hand-made instruments designed for utility and easy use. 

The new company is founded by brothers Henry and Jack Madin and it is set to open in Melbourne next month. 

"Hundo is a combination of our love for music, design and making stuff," Henry Madin told theMusic.

"I have made instruments for exhibitions over the last few years, and Jack was the first to think that if we worked on the idea more, we could make these instruments for performers."

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The Madins aim to create unique instruments that will quickly grab the attention of fellow musicians.

"There aren't many electronic instruments out there that aren't covered in knobs and dials these days, and we think there's a place for simple tools," Madin explained. 

"We're going to start working with artists soon to make things like sample packs for our drumpads, and do lots of collaborations with visual and music artists. We're excited to get up and running."

The musicians aspire for the company to grow to a point where they can develop instruments for music education.

Madin does not expect the new company to interfere with The Harpoons' future work and the band will perform a DJ set at the company's launch on 7 July at Schoolhouse Studios in Collingwood.

An exhibition and pop-up shop of Hundo will remain open at the studio until 21 July.

For more details, check out the official website.