Matt Corby Delivers Dreamy New Album 'Rainbow Valley'

2 November 2018 | 3:35 pm | Staff Writer

'Rainbow Valley' is out today.

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Matt Corby has worked his way into the hearts of many after breakout tracks Brother, Resolution and then debut album Telluric in 2016. He returns today in fine form with a brand new album Rainbow Valley.

Dropping via Island/Universal, the album has received rave reviews so far from critics and fans alike. We here at The Music gave it four stars out of five and reckon it's "a silky stroll into a slightly more avant-garde realm with some splashes of psychedelic rock amidst his usual rootsy crooners and gospel-backed ballads".

We also had a chance to catch up with the singer-songwriter and brand new dad ahead of the release to find out a bit more about the album. 

“I’d been listening to their album Basement Seance, which is weird but beautifully arranged samples and really nice beats,” Corby explained.

“There was just something about it that was so in line with what I do and it really helped me to get that pallet of sounds together. I think it does inform my music but in very minuscule ways. I try to incorporate elements of songs or genres of music into something more ambiguous. 

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“All the elements go into your subconscious and when it does come time to write something it’s all there waiting, and if there’s an opportunity for me to wink at one of those nice elements I’ll try to incorporate it into my music.”

Have a listen above and let yourself get transported to Corby's Rainbow Valley. Tickets for his forthcoming tour are also on sale now! Scroll down for all the details.