MØL to re-release their first two EPs this June

4 May 2019 | 6:45 pm | Alex Sievers
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Denmark's finest blackgaze outfit, MØL, are re-releasing their first two EP's this June as a single package.

Denmark's finest blackgaze band, MØL, are re-releasing their first two EP's this June - 'I/II'.

Last year, up-coming Danish blackgaze heroes, MØL, released one of the best records the sub-genre has ever seen: the other-worldly power of 'Jord'. Not just one of my own favourite modern black metal records, but also one of my personal favourite releases of the year that was 2018, MØL's debut LP caught the larger metal world by storm, with rave reviews found literally everywhere you fuckin' looked. Myself included.

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In the aftermath of their brilliant first full-length, MØL will be re-packaging their first two releases - 2014's self-titled EP and 2015's 'II' EP - as a six-track bundle. Now all bolstered up by a new mastering job, too. Entitled 'I/II', this new EP arrives June 7th, 2019.

The band's PR very kindly flicked me through an advance stream of this new re-release last week, and the re-master job that's been given to these half-dozen tracks is indeed noticeable. Everything from their self-titled EP feels so much larger and tighter sounding, and the three songs from their second EP also fair better too. Nicely giving the early material from one of black-metal's most publicised new groups a whole new set of legs to those who came on-board during and after 'Jord'. It'll be a great fill-in between their first record and whatever comes next for these young Danes.

Check out the updated version of 'Kathexis' (meaning to invest mental and/or emotional energy into something or someone), and compare it with the original track over here. And if you want even more MØL in your life, then go watch this sick performance of 'Storm' from the Danish Awards Show, GAFFA-Prisen 2019.