Lunch & Pool With Pierce The Veil

8 August 2012 | 9:22 am | Dan Condon

You could be hanging out with Soundwave's Pierce The Veil early next year.

More Pierce The Veil More Pierce The Veil

So remember how we said we were giving you a chance to have lunch with a band on the Soundwave bill? Well we're pretty excited to tell you that the band who you'll be hanging out with, should you win, is none other than San Diego progressive post-hardcore masters Pierce The Veil! We're sure they're lovely fellas too.

Anyway, we've also decided to make things a little easier for those of you who struggled to choose three bands who would be on the Soundwave 2013 bill by leaving the competition open for another week. If you get the question wrong now then... well we just don't know.

Want lunch and a game of pool with Pierce The Veil as well as a sweet merch pack? Head over to our Soundwave page and tell us three bands that you think may have been announced on the Soundwave line up this morning.

The band recently released the video for King For A Day, see it below.

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