Lime Spiders Call It A Day Thanks To ‘Social Media’

2 June 2023 | 8:45 am | Mary Varvaris

"The music scene isn't as immediate & real as it was back in the day, providing a perfect outlet for these cowardly types.”

Lime Spiders

Lime Spiders (Source: Supplied)

Mick Blood has announced that he’s putting an end to the iconic Australian punk-rock band, Lime Spiders, as he can no longer enjoy existing in music with the intense scrutiny of “social media”.

Lime Spiders’ most successful single, Weirdo Libido, was released in January 1987 and featured on the band’s debut album, The Cave Comes Alive!, which was released that year. Weirdo Libido was the first music video to ever play on rage.

Lime Spiders released three albums, including The Cave Comes Alive!, Volatile (1988), and Beethoven’s Fist (1990). Despite the small discography, the band are renowned for their electrifying live shows.

Overnight, vocalist and Lime Spiders’ sole constant member, Mick Blood, announced that he’s calling it quits via a social media statement.

“As you may realise, I've finally given up the rock 'n' roll circus after a highly successful international career with the Lime Spiders, the band I formed 43 years ago,” Blood wrote. He noted that he’s “rightfully proud” of his achievements, “but decided to give the business away when the thankless task of managing every aspect of the band & living up to impossible expectations became too much.”

Blood continued, “I no longer enjoyed the intense scrutiny, made worse these days by 'social' media. Random people posting dodgy footage taken on a phone & hurtful comments from online trolls were the last straw. The music scene isn't as immediate & real as it was back in the day, providing a perfect outlet for these cowardly types.”

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Blood revealed that he’s sold his acoustic guitar, most of Lime Spiders’ remaining merchandise, and even his microphone – his “weapon of mass destruction”.

What’s keeping Blood sane is copies of his Lime Light book, a raw second edition of his story that won’t be reprinted.

“This is the second edition of my story, an improved version with less errors! Writing the book has been a labour of love, taking several years of attention to detail. My aim was to make it as readable & entertaining as possible,” Blood added.

“It's not your clichèd sex, drugs & rock 'n' roll dribble. My definitive story is an honest portrayal of the Lime Spiders incredible rise to fame from very humble beginnings ...a good general read & hopefully inspirational for some.”

You can purchase your copy of Lime Light via PayPal (email details on his original post), with Blood charging a reasonable $35 (including postage and packaging within Australia). “Lime Light won't be reprinted so don't miss your chance to take advantage of this offer, exclusive to members of this page. I'm more than happy to sign copies on request.”

Blood concluded, “...a special shout out to all who've supported me during my crazy rollercoaster of a career in rock 'n' roll”.