Let World's End Press Tell You Some 'Tall Stories' With New EP Track-By-Track

30 September 2015 | 4:28 pm | Staff Writer

Exclusive to The Music!

Local dance-pop lords World's End Press have a brand spankin' new EP to show off in the form of Tall Stories, five tracks of up-tempo, electronically lush goodness of the kind of calibre we've come to expect from the Melburnian mainstays (read: it's very good, nigh great).

The band are heading out for a quick jaunt around the nation in support of Tall Stories from this weekend, hitting Jack Rabbit Slims in Perth (Saturday 3 October), Sydney's Civic Underground (Friday 9 October), Brisbane's Woolly Mammoth (10 October), Howler in Melbourne (Saturday 17 October) and Adelaide's Rocket Bar (Saturday 24 October).

Before they set off, though, theMusic.com.au is privileged to have been bestowed with an exclusive track-by-track run down of the new work, straight from the musos' mouths to you. Have a gander at the backstories and listen to the EP now, then start sussing your tickets for the impending shows, because they are gonna be tight.

Track 1 – Tall Stories

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I've had friends in relationships who are aware that they are being lied to by their lover. They are unhappy about it, but they always forgive and forget, becoming the perfect couple for a short time until another shady move bursts the bubble.

It's unconditional love that keeps that cycle of forgiveness turning, and it really pins people to the spot.

This song is a little bit of a tantrum to that effect.

Track 2 – Ahead Of Yourself

Sometimes I get excited about all the completely far off and somewhat intangible things. This causes problems because when those far-off-and-intangible-things come into focus I tire of them and start looking further ahead. So, I'm continually getting Ahead of Myself. It's hard to get anything done like this. I suppose a simpler way of describing this would be to say I'm easily distracted.

Better to slow down, take on less, do more.

Track 3 – What's On Your Mind?

There's something compelling about people who don't talk much; I suppose because you keep on guessing what they're about.

I've worked with them, been at school with them, been in relationships with them. You think you've got them figured out and then at some point they'll utter something that completely shatters that illusion.

This song is about the compulsion to know more about someone than they are willing to share.

Track 4 – Love Tears

A friend of mine is sometimes so happy when dancing that none of us are sure whether he is crying or laughing. "Love Tears" refers to the "Am I crying or laughing?"moment.

Track 5 – Tall Stories Pt. 2

I'm really just reciting the textures of buildings in this song; Glass, Steel, Marble, Brass. I enjoy the dizzy feeling of being dwarfed by huge structures of steel and glass knowing that thousands of people are stacked in levels on top of each other. When I hear old house music I think of these buildings, I suppose that might be me imagining New York and Chicago.

For more information about World's End Press' forthcoming EP shows, see theGuide or check The Music App.