Govt Accused Of ‘Cultural Vandalism’ As Lansdowne Hotel Shuts Its Doors To Live Music

3 February 2022 | 2:33 pm | Staff Writer

"Music gone, for more apartments. That is everything that is wrong with the NSW planning system."

Following news yesterday that beloved Sydney/Eora live music venue The Lansdowne Hotel is shutting its doors to live music, Shadow Minister for Music John Graham has slammed the Government for its lack of support.

The news surrounding The Lansdowne Hotel arrives only days after Sydney’s Giant Dwarf theatre revealed it would be closing down, and with more uncertainty looming around the corner for other venues across the state, Graham has said described the situation as “cultural vandalism”.

“These are venues which survived the lockouts. These are some of the best operators on the Sydney music scene, the toughest nuts, who are now having to close their doors,” he said.

“A decade of lockouts, lockdowns and specific ‘no-singing, no-dancing’ COVID restrictions has taken its toll.”

The NSW Opposition continues to call on the Government to provide “specific economic and regulatory support” for live music venues in NSW.

In a statement yesterday, The Lansdowne Hotel owners Jake Smyth and Kenny Graham revealed that the decision was the result of the venue’s landlords closing its upstairs gig room to build more hostel accommodation.

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Giant Dwarf cited the pandemic for its closure.

After The Lansdowne Hotel news broke yesterday, Graham noted via Twitter that “music gone, for more apartments” was “everything that is wrong with the NSW planning system”.