Lano & Woodley Are Already Talking About Doing A New Live Show

4 May 2020 | 9:41 am | Neil Griffiths

It's just so exciting.

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Following the huge success of their comeback show, Fly, Lano & Woodley have confirmed they are talking about putting together a brand new live show. 

The legendary comedy duo of Colin Lane and Frank Woodley reformed in 2018 following their 2006 farewell run and, appearing on the latest episode of The Green Room with Neil Griffiths podcast, the pair say they are talking about new ideas because the response to Fly "was so good".

"I think we've definitely started to think, talk, pontificate [about a new show]," Lane told host Neil Griffiths.

Woodley added, "The basic thing was when we got back together to do Fly, we kind of went 'I reckon there will probably be an audience for this show. We don't know how big, but big enough that it's worth the effort and we'll enjoy writing it and we'll really enjoy performing it.'"

"And it couldn't have gone better. It was absolutely as good as we could have hoped for both in terms of our experience writing and performing it and the way the audience received it.

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"And so the common sense thing is you go, 'You wanna do another one?'... and Col goes, 'Yeah, probably.'"

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Lano & Woodley's Fly is streaming on Amazon Prime now.