Knocked Loose Started Circle Pits At Coachella

17 April 2023 | 8:56 pm | Mary Varvaris
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Knocked Loose inspired a massive circle pit and crowd surfing from people who looked like they’d never been to a hardcore show before.

Knocked Loose at Coachella

Knocked Loose at Coachella (Source: YouTube)

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Knocked Loose is the scary band at Coachella this year. By far the heaviest band on the bill, the Kentucky hardcore outfit put on a show to remember at weekend one of the festival.

Taking over the Sonora stage at night, Knocked Loose pulled an impressive crowd - even better still, punters up front were enthusiastic about breakdowns and screams and did not hesitate to crowd surf.

Ripping through A Tear In The Fabric Of Life EP tracks God Knows and Where Light Divides The Holier, devastatingly heavy tracks from Laugh Tracks (Counting Worms included) and five tracks from A Different Shade Of Blue, Knocked Loose inspired a massive circle pit and crowd surfing from people who looked like they’d never been to a hardcore show before. 

Check out some audience-captured footage below, or skip to -7:18:02 on YouTube to see the complete set.

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Kill Your Stereo’s Knotfest Sydney review recalled about the band’s raucous set, “Circle pits and throwdowns ensue, with all of Centennial Park returning to its roots of being a dog park when closer Counting Worms bursts forth.” And that’s exactly what they did at Coachella.

“[The band has] definitely [grown] more than I felt like any of us thought it would. We didn't start the band thinking that we would make any sort of career out of it; we just wanted to get away and see how much we could get away with,” vocalist Bryan Garris shared in a recent Kill Your Stereo interview

Knocked Loose had smaller goals at the beginning: “We wanted to travel and play as many shows as possible, and it just snowballed into this thing that it is now and is still kind of snowballing.

“And I feel like, every day or every month, or whatever it may be, when something Knocked Loose comes up, it’s such a surprise in a very positive way,” he added. Just a few days before our chat, Knocked Loose received a plaque in the mail commemorating that they had sold over 100,000 copies of Laugh Tracks.

Garris was moved by the achievement and said, “That was a pretty emotional day for all of us because that was something we never thought we would see, and it's been amazing. 

"This year [2023] is our 10th birthday," the vocalist exclaims. "We officially played our first show ten years ago. So I've been reflecting a lot in my personal time, thinking about just how far it's come, all the things that have changed throughout, and how much my life has changed because of Knocked Loose.” Check out the full interview here.