Kingfisha Are No One-Album Wonder

20 December 2013 | 5:18 pm | Benny Doyle

There is still plenty of music left in the tank says Anthony Forrest

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Eighteen months on from the release of Kingfisha's long-awaited debut full-length, and Anthony Forrest can only find positives to reflect on. Well received by fans, the self-titled release drew solid airplay from community radio and the national broadcaster, while they played Australian tours and prominent festival slots.

“It was worth the wait making [the record] alright and making sure we were really happy with it, smiles Forrest. “And when we started getting positive feedback and more people at shows it was really cool.

“But we're not a one-album band so there's a lot of music still in us, and for us it feels like it has set a good platform. A lot of the reason why it took so long to get out is because we weren't really sure how to record us – every time we tried it just sounded really live. Now we've got an idea of where we can take it for the future, so it's really exciting.”

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