The Killers' Saxophone Player Found Dead

27 April 2012 | 9:51 am | Scott Fitzsimons

The Killers' saxophone player Tommy Marth has died aged 33.

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The Killers' saxophone player Tommy Marth was found dead in his Las Vegas home on Monday morning.

Aged 33, Marth's death has been officially ruled a suicide, the Las Vegas Weekly reports.

An identity of the Las Vegas music scene, the community have offered their condolences to his friends and family.

The Killers tweeted, "Last night we lost our friend Thomas Marth. Our prayers are with his family. There's a light missing in Las Vegas tonight. Travel well, Tommy.”

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Marth played on two of The Killers' albums, Sam's Town (2006) and Day & Age (2008), and toured with them on the album cycle of the latter. He also played on albums by The Big Friendly Corporation and Black Camaro. He was also prolific amongst a number of local Las Vegas outfits.

Friend and musician Ryan Pardey told the Las Vegas Weekly, “I'm just trying to make sense of things right now and help some people who aren't doing very well. He was one of the most talented people in our community and one of my closest friends since we were 18.”

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