Katy Perry Under Fire For ‘Mum Shaming’ Reality Contestant

6 April 2023 | 9:53 am | Mary Varvaris

"Katy Perry made a joke that wasn't super kind. It was embarrassing to have that on TV, and it was hurtful.”

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Katy Perry has come under fire for potentially mum-shaming a young mum of three auditioning on this season’s American Idol.

During the episode, 25-year-old Sara Beth Liebe revealed that she’d had three kids, to which Katy Perry stood up in shock.

“If Katy lays on the table, I think I'm going to pass out,” Liebe commented. Perry quickly responded with the quip, “Honey, you've been laying on the table too much.” View the footage below.

After receiving three “yes” votes, Liebe was off to Hollywood, where she performed the Police hit, Roxanne, before informing the judges and producers that she wouldn’t proceed with the competition.

“This opportunity is really rad, but this is actually gonna be my last performance 'cause my heart's at home," she told the judges (via the Daily Mail). "So I'm gonna get home to my babies. They kinda need me. So thank you.”

Perry asked Liebe to reconsider exiting the competition at the second round, but she responded, “I don't even know what show business is. I've been a mum since I was 18. I've been married since I was 18. I don't think I realised quite how hard it would be to be away from my kids.”

Since her exit from the competition, Liebe has made a TikTok discussing the mum-shaming commentary per Digital Spy.

“While I was on the show, there was a joke [she air quotes] that was made that's got some attention. Katy Perry made a joke that wasn't super kind. It was embarrassing to have that on TV, and it was hurtful,” Liebe revealed. 

“I think that women supporting and uplifting other women is so cool, and I think that mum-shaming is super lame,” she continued and thanked her followers for their support.

Digital Spy and Daily Mail have contacted Katy Perry’s representatives for comment.

Earlier this year, Katy Perry shared a “big,” “huge” mistake she made in turning down working with Billie Eilish.

In a video captured on TikTok, Perry told the audience about an email she received that said, "Hey, check out this new artist. I’d really like us to work with her because she was working with me for Unsub [Records]."

Perry admitted, "It was a song called Ocean Eyes, and it was just a blonde girl. And I was like, ‘Meh, boring.’" She said it was a "big mistake, huge mistake" to pass up the offer.

Ocean Eyes was an early hit for Eilish and catapulted her to global fame. The song is 21x Platinum in seven countries and has been covered by many popular artists.