Journalist ‘Not Coping Well’ After Rebel Wilson Attack

1 March 2016 | 8:48 pm | Staff Writer

"It’s a very dark world."

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An Australian freelance journalist that was publicly shamed and labelled “total scum” by actor Rebel Wilson has said the events have left her “beyond distraught” and “not coping well”.

Last week Rebel Wilson shared a photo of reporter Elizabeth Wilson via Twitter and called her out for contacting her sick 86-year-old grandmother on numerous occasions in regards to a feature on the actor.

Speaking to Mamamia about the events, Elizabeth Wilson said she did not harass her, but had a couple of “very pleasant” conversations and was forthcoming about the story and her intentions.

“I am beyond distraught that this has happened and that Rebel Wilson has made these false allegations. I had two pleasant chats with her beautiful grandmother, I never saw this coming,” she said.

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“I can’t believe she can just say these things on social media. It’s a very dark world. Especially since I have no real way to defend myself.”

Elizabeth Wilson had recently returned to work after a life-threatening disease that left her on life support.

When Rebel Wilson initially posted about the incident to her 2.43 million followers, she shared a photo of a different Elizabeth Wilson, which was taken down after she realised and replaced.

“If your name is Elizabeth Wilson and you work for ACP Magazines, just know that you are a disgrace for harassing my sweet, sick grandma,” read the initial post with the wrong photo attached.