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Iwrestledabearonce robbed while on tour

1 October 2015 | 2:57 pm | Alex Sievers
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Iwrestledabearonce have sadly been robbed while on tour in the US, with their trailer being stolen in the process.

iwrestledabearonce have sadly been robbed while on tour in the US, with their trailer stolen in the process.

The band's trailer, which was stolen last week, included most of the band's gear and merchandise. The progressive/mathcore quintet have now since setup a GoFundMe page for fans to donate to in order to help the band out in replacing the items stolen. So far the band has raised over $2000 of their $7500 funding goal. You can check out the page here. The group also said this about the incident:

"Any touring musician can tell you that a band's entire LIVELIHOOD is in their trailer…  And when you walk outside your home to see everything you've worked so hard to accomplish, GONE... There is no feeling like it.  The merchandise is also a major set back, as we now have a merch bill, but no merch to sell in order to pay the bill.  We are now going to have to do a new order of merch, and we'll have to sell every single piece of it just to break even.  This means we will be making very little money off the merch we sell on this upcoming tour (which we usually rely on for gas money on tour.)"

iwrestledabearonce released their latest album, 'Hail Mary', in July through Artery Recordings.

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