Issues' Tyler "Scout" Acord officially leaves band

25 November 2015 | 5:28 pm | Alex Sievers
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Issues DJ, Tyler "Scout" Acord, has now officially moved on from the group to delve into future projects.

Issues DJ, Tyler "Scout" Acord, has now officially left from the Georgia-based group to delve into his own future projects.

Acord hasn't been touring with the band all year, and he has now released a pretty lengthy statement about his departure, stating that while he was a part of the band (which he never actually meant to join, originally), his interests were found in other styles and projects, and that it eventually took its toll on him.

"To friends and fans alike,

Recently there has been a lot of confusion as to my involvement and place in the band ISSUES, since I took a break from touring to focus on my passions. After much thought and discussion, I regret to inform you that I am officially parting ways with the band as of now. To some this may come a shock, to others, you may have seen this coming from miles away. I can say without a doubt when I stepped away from the All Time Low tour, I didn’t think it would be for good. I even returned to play shows in Hawaii, Alaska, and Japan this past year. But what became apparent at those shows, and during my time at home, was the undeniable fact that being a member of this band just didn’t make me happy. In fact in a lot of ways it did the opposite.

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To give a quick history I wasn’t even planning on officially joining issues. The idea for the band was formed when I was on tour DJ-ing for Tyler Carter on his solo tour opening for the band Go Radio. He expressed interest in starting a new band, and was talking about and planning out how he was going to form it. He had been sent some demos, but nothing too impressive. I told him that if he wanted to start putting out new music, the instrumentals had to be as next level as what he was writing. It was then that he asked if I would be interested in helping write and produce the project. I was into it, it sounded like fun. But there wasn’t really an opportunity to actually join the band at this point, because he had already promised Case Snedecor the drum spot, and that was the only instrument I was comfortable playing. I wasn’t really concerned about it though, because I was content with playing in my local band “A Memoria Brooded” and working at Atlantic Records in Hollywood as an engineer.

After the tour I began writing with some friends, met AJ and convinced Tyler to let him join the band. After the EP was done, they set off for tour. Tyler was the first to have the idea of me joining as the DJ. I wasn’t down at all. I didn’t want to leave my job at Atlantic, or my band back home. Also didn’t seem like something that I would really enjoy doing or being known for. So I didn’t go on the Party with the Devil tour with Attila.

After the tour, they were passionate about me at least trying out a tour playing with the band. I was just so torn about joining a band as a keyboard player. I’ve always been an integral part of the live show with every project I’ve been in, and I felt as though I would be reduced to a gimmick. But despite my reservations I thought it over a TON, and since the band was actually going well, I thought why not. I’ll try it. I’ve never toured with a band, and a lot of people would kill for this opportunity. So I decided to go on the Silverstein Headliner, and legitimately had a lot of fun. So, I decided to officially join and continue with ISSUES.

The problem with doing something that your heart isn’t fully committed to though, is it wears off real quick. I started to become envious of every other band member living out their dreams playing what they were passionate about, getting better at their craft, all the while I was showing up for work every day. It got to the point where my least favorite part of the day was getting on stage, which is pretty ass backwards to the point of playing music for a living. That added to the fact that I witnessed my peers back home advancing in their careers as songwriters and producers, (what I truly care about) while I was stuck in the same place due to being on the road all year.

It finally became time to wake up and refuse to do anything that made me unhappy. I told the band that I wanted a break to focus on what I love to do. They were more than supportive. And in the small time I’ve stepped away from touring, I’ve gotten further in my quest to becoming a producer than I had in the 3 years I was with ISSUES. I’m so so much happier now as a person, and so excited for my future. And from what I’ve witnessed, no one gets anywhere doing something half-heartedly. So it is a very important decision to fully commit to production and depart from any other projects that might take my time away from that.

He concludes the statement by saying that he is still very much involved with the creation of the band's next album (still no real details on that) and that his solo work is on it's way.

"As far as the album goes, I was, and still continue to be just as involved as I always have been in the writing and production process. It’s really the only part of being in ISSUES that I truly enjoy; the creation of the music. We are still working extremely hard on finishing and releasing this music as soon as possible, as we have all put countless hours into it and are proud of what we’ve written. I hope you can all understand where I’m coming from, and realize that there is literally no bad blood or animosity between me and the guys, as they all are very supportive of my decision. They wish to see me succeed, as I wish to see ISSUES continue to thrive. I love all of them to death, and wouldn’t take back any of our experiences for the world.

Currently I have a new manager, and am in the studio 24/7 working on production for artists and remixes, playing in a band with some of my closest homies in LA, and loving life. I know I’ll see you guys again soon, in a different setting. I have so much love for all who have support me and the band throughout the project. Thank you so much for your commitment to the band, and hope that you’ll stay with them as they journey onward."

On Issues' self-titled album, Scout had one track that was solely produced and written by him, and you can check that out below. It'll be interesting to see where he goes next, whether it's more like this or something else entirely.