Is This The Largest Tour In Australian Music History?

3 March 2023 | 12:57 pm | Mary Varvaris

"Home can represent a place in time and space or it can be the very moment, the air that allows one to breathe life into consciousness."

(Pic by Michelle Grace Hunder)

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In October, Kingswood announced their mammoth Australian tour in support of their new album, Home, released last week. 

The beloved Aussie rockers are currently playing in close to every town of New South Wales, with another two legs scheduled to take place next month, in May and in June across Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia. Prior to the release of the album, the band played through Victoria.

What’s astounding, though, is that this epic tour (just look at the poster below) is just Phase One of “the greatest Australian tour in history”. Phase Two, where the band have already told fans they’ll stop in Tasmania, is coming soon. According to a press release, when all the dates have been announced and finished, Kingswood would have played a whopping 120+ dates throughout Australia in a custom-made bus.

This surely has to be the largest, most comprehensive tour in Australian music history.

Home is an age-old tale of young love being forced to broach the harsh face of life, a duality of which we all contend with at some point.  Old roots meet new, whereby the branching can create opprobrious chasms. These chasms however lead to repair, growth, flourishing, the cycle of the ever blossoming flower, the very fuel of life itself, where all beginnings have an end, and appropriately all ends have a beginning,” Kingswood’s Alex Laska noted about the new album.

Laska continued, “Home can represent a place in time and space or it can be the very moment, the air that allows one to breathe life into consciousness. It’s the rising sun of the album, a sonic manifestation of Kingswood’s own new dawn.”

Last year, the Melbourne rockers unveiled the single Burning Holes through a premiere with The Music. 

”In Europe and America we tour in a sleeper bus, it works over there because city’s are so close,” Kingswood told The Music. 

“This doesn’t work in Australia unless you’re going rural, town to town. Which is what we are doing. But no sleeper bus like this exists back home so we are building our own just for this tour. This is phase one of the tour, there is a lot more to be announced next year. It will make it the greatest tour ever undertaken in Australia.”

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