LA Times Crown Aus Femcee As Next Nicki Minaj

18 June 2012 | 3:36 pm | Staff Writer

Following her beef with Azealia Banks, Australian femcee Iggy Azalea is being hailed as the next Nicki Minaj.

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Australian rapper Iggy Azalea has already signed a deal with TI's Grand Hustle after being courted by Interscope Records. Now the LA Times are heralding her as a major player in the revival of the femcee scene, led by Nicki Minaj.

Having already caught the attention of MTV Stateside, Azalea has also found herself compared to Tupac.

In a feature about the new femcee wave, the Times describe Azalea as possessing "Grace Kelly looks" that reignited the 'can a white girl really rap' debate".

Proving controversial on the US scene, Azalea has already been in a beef with fellow femcee Azealia Banks for her use of the terms "runaway slave" and "master" in the track DRUGS.

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Azalea tells the Times, "People think I can't say certain things or I should say things that are Australian or what white people should say... you've got to realise there are more than stereotypes."