Help Violent Soho Name Their New Album Anything But 'Butt Pickle'

3 August 2015 | 10:46 am | Staff Writer

You've got to have a few ideas in you, right?

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It's an exciting time for fans of Queensland-bred rock heroes Violent Soho, as the band have revealed that they have commenced recording the follow-up to their widely lauded 2014 full-length Hungry Ghost, sending chatter alight around the internet as folks pre-emptively gear up for the next serve of Soho sweetness.

Of course, all that songwriting and recording and mixing business is only a small part of the process — what really counts is the album name, a fact of which Violent Soho are obviously aware, turning to social media this morning in an effort to crowdsource suggestions for what the heck they can call this thing when it drops at last.

As expected, the ideas popping up have been fairly wide-ranging, from the outright nonsensical ("butt pickle") and earnest-if-unworkable ("call it Brendan") to the foreseeable ("4122", "Paper Horses") and wonderfully lazy ("Hungrier Ghost").

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If you have any ideas as to what Violent Soho can name this thing, feel free to head over to the band's Twitter page and offer your ideas. Just try to avoid any of these already-offered monikers:

Ahhhh, they'll get there in the end, we're sure. Besides, they seemed like they were getting pretty close for a while there...