Hard-Ons Guitarist Peter 'Blackie' Black To Release A Song A Day In 2016

24 December 2015 | 11:51 am | Staff Writer

...Or give up trying!

Aussie punk vet Peter 'Blackie' Black, he of six-string infamy with venerated local crew the Hard-Ons, has set his goals for 2016 rather loftily — but we're excited by the prospect — with an asserted aim of releasing a song a day via his Bandcamp page.

That's right; from 1 January to 31 December, Black will be (having a crack at) uploading a fresh composition every 24 hours as a sort of daily aural tonic for those who get as much joy out of music as the man himself clearly does.

"There's actually a million reasons why I wanna do this," Black began a statement of the reasons behind his new pursuit. "But to try and put it in a nut shell… I've been playing music my whole life, it's wonderful, it just gets more wonderful every single day, so while I'm still able, I … wanna go nuts!"

"I'm not saying I'm not gonna try anything new, 'cause you can bet I sure will … but people who like any of my bands/projects — whether it's Hard-Ons, Nunchukka Superfly or the solo stuff — will dig it," he continued.

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While obviously not in it for the money, Black is realistic about the kind of challenges such a project presents, and so is hopeful that there are some fans out there who'll step up to subscribe to his Bandcamp and help ensure the perpetuity of the project for the year.

"I won't be doing the recordings on the cheap; I mean, I want it to sound good," Black explained. "I want it to feel good! The vibe and enjoyment I get, I want everyone to get.

"People can download a month's worth of music for only $9. Of course, you can still come along and listen whenever you want for free, see if ya dig it; if ya do, come join me and help make it happen."