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Graphic Nature Release Debut Album, 'A Mind Waiting To Die'

23 February 2023 | 12:14 pm | Mary Varvaris
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"Pure anger over heavy riffs and drum beats. It's what we do."

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UK metallers Graphic Nature released their debut album, a mind waiting to die, last week. 

The album arrives after the unveiling of singles Killing Floor and Headstone and sees the band melding electronic influences with heavy guitars, a la Linkin Park and Korn. Influenced by nu-metal but not quite nu-metal, Graphic Nature announced themselves in 2019 with the single Grit.

A mind waiting to die finds the band exploring confronting themes with unflinching detail, pairing raw sentiments with a sound that's at once heavy and enchanting. Packed with short, punchy tracks, the album doesn't overstay its welcome. In fact, you're left wanting more.

Taking their name from a track on Deftones album Koi No Yokan, Graphic Nature are here to start a dialogue and bring their fans closer together. 

"Headstone is a track mainly about depression, and how our own mental health issues can lead us to use substances to just feel an ounce of normality," vocalist Harvey Freeman explained about the single. "Whether it's prescribed to you or it's an addiction of some other sort, it can change us in ways we'd often rather not talk about."

"The lyrics were written at some of my lowest points and detail my frustration with how day-to-day life was spiraling downwards. Thankfully, I have been in a good headspace for a long time since. I'm just glad I got to put it in a song to raise awareness of the severity of what mental health issues can do to us as humans."

Delving into the album, the singer notes, "We wrote the entirety of the record during lockdown when things were at their darkest. A lot of the lyrical content stems from personal experience and challenges with mental health and isolation."

"Each song has a different subject, much like our previous tracks. We dive deep into depression, thoughts that lead you to a very dark place, frustration, sensory overload, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, etc. It's a lot to take in and we've portrayed it in what we believe to be a perfect representation of how our heads process these things: pure anger over heavy riffs and drum beats. It's what we do."

Graphic Nature will be performing at Download Festival at Donington Park this June. 

Stream a mind waiting to die here and check out the hectic singles below.