Good Charlotte End Hiatus, Play Gold Coast Show

22 June 2012 | 2:13 pm | Dan Condon

Good Charlotte, The Living End and 360 headline this year's Gold Coast 600.

More Good Charlotte More Good Charlotte

Each year the organisers of the Gold Coast 600 find new ways of capturing the attention of a diverse audience, including plenty of people who don't even have any interest in car racing. The live music component of this massive weekend of downright good party times is always world class, with some of the biggest names descending upon Surfers Paradise to be a part of it, this year is no different.

Good Charlotte, a perennial favourite amongst Australian audiences, have been booked in to headline this year's extravaganza, returning from a hiatus of sorts to rock the hell out of the event. Joining them is hugely popular Aussie rock trio The Living End, probably equally popular Aussie hip hop kingpin 360 as well as Horrorshow, Urthboy, Sietta, Purple Sneakers DJs and The Faders.

In September last year the band announced they were going on hiatus, saying they needed to take a step back so they could respark their creativity. While this announcement is undoubtedly good news for fans, showing the band are once more an active concern, there's no word yet as to whether there will be any new material eventuating any time soon. The band's Joel Madden has become an even bigger star in Australia recently following his work as a judge on enormous talent show The Voice.

The music happens on Friday 19 October (360, Horrorshow, Urthboy, Sietta, Purple Sneakers DJs and The Faders) and Saturday 20 (Good Charlotte and The Living End) at the Broadwater Parklands and there are a bunch more acts to be added, so watch this space.

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