Fundraiser To Be Held For Melb Band Venue That Went Up In Flames Last Month

16 December 2015 | 12:54 pm | Staff Writer

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The Pinnacle Hotel in Fitzroy North is set to hold a fundraiser this week to help raise money for staff who have been unable to work in the historic band venue which went up in flames last month

According to the Herald Sun, 15 casual staff workers have been left without work for the past month as the hotel is currently going under repair. 

On November 7 the popular venue's kitchen was destroyed in the fire, while the bar also experienced smoke and water damage. 

The fundraiser will take place tomorrow at the Catfish bar from 7.30pm and tickets can be purchased for $10 on the night. 

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The event will feature live performances from local acts The Gun Barrell Straights, Van Walker, Oscar Lush Band and Lincoln Le Fevre.

Commenting on the fundraiser hotel owner Leigh Wilkes said, "Everyone is in reasonably good spirits but everyone wants to get back to work."

"Even if it is just a little bit for each person, it all helps — people have rent to pay and stuff to do over Christmas."

The Pinnacle Hotel is set to re-open in early 2016. For more information, head to the venue's Facebook page.

The Music has contacted the venue for further comment.