Frankie's Pizza By The Slice Memorabilia Up For Auction

20 December 2022 | 8:56 am | Mary Varvaris

"History is yours for the taking" with this new auction - get your hands on iconic items from the venue!

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Before anyone knocks down Frankie's Pizza By The Slice, people who loved the Sydney venue can get their hands on items scattered throughout the place.

Following Frankie's Pizza's official closure - Wolfmother, Psycroptic and more played in the days prior - there's still a bit of fun to be had with numerous items up for auction on eBay.

"Frankie's Family! History is yours for the taking, memorabilia auction is live now. You have three days to bid on bits and pieces from the Frankie's Pizza cave. All items are genuine, one of a kind, lived in articles," venue owners wrote on social media. They added, "Elevate your Pool Room game monumentally with shit like THIS:"

"Framed still from pornstar Teagan Presley's PENTHOUSE shoot at Frankie's Pizza from 2013. This was gifted by Penthouse to Frankie's, features a still of Teagan on backbar, this frame lived dead centre of Frankie's backbar for many years. An emblem of an era of excess never to be seen again."

Also up for auction is the Frankie's Stage Cherry Bomb Neon sign (current bid $2,075), the Collectable 1994 Data East Guns N' Roses Pinball Machine (starting bid $15k), the Frankie's Pizza Front Door Moving Neon sign (current bid $7.2k), the men's bathroom mirror and lights (current bid $200), and heaps more. Take your best shot scoring memorabilia here.

Frankie's Pizza will be demolished to make way for a train line. “We thought this venue would outlive us,” venue owners said. “We've seen trends come and go and steadfastly stood for RocknRoll through it all. This conviction has been rewarded with a loyal following, and steady flow of new heads eager to join the ranks and jump on the crazy train.

“We're busier than ever, we are a drunken Goliath operating a peak performance! But despite all of this, it's time to go to Hell! It's time to leave our legions, farewell our four walls, and finish at our most fucking fearsome.

“With the unstoppable momentum of Sydney City's 'infrastructure evolution' set to demolish Hunter Street in early 2023, we have decided on a date to depart. December 11, the night of Frankie's 10th Birthday, will be our final night. In lead to this, we've programmed a period we can be proud to depart on. All killer, and lots of lip filler.”

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Frankie's Family! History is yours for the taking, memorabilia auction is live now. You have three days to bid on bits...

Posted by Frankie's Pizza By The Slice on Friday, December 16, 2022