Frank Ocean Booed At Oya Festival

10 August 2012 | 1:18 pm | Dan Condon

He was late on stage and left after just a couple of songs.

Frank Ocean @ Oya Festival. Pic: Sevana Ohandjanian

Frank Ocean @ Oya Festival. Pic: Sevana Ohandjanian

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One of the many big names gracing the Oya Festival in Oslo this week is neo-soul singer and urban flavour-of-the-month Frank Ocean. But reports from the festival today state that Ocean's performance was essentially a non-event.

“Frank Ocean just walked off stage after being 15 minutes late for his set,” our blogger Sevana Ohandjanian reported overnight. “He was sitting for the first two songs then stood for Thinking Bout You and Novocane. Walked off during an instrumental bit. Spokesperson came and said he'd lost his voice and wouldn't be performing. I had to ask a Norwegian to translate that by the way. People booed, yelled. Sad faces all round.”

You can read Ohandjanian's review of the second day of the Oya Festival, in which A$AP RockyBjörk and Billy Bragg shined, right here. In the review she praises the short performance that Ocean does give, saying that his short set was "a disappointing outcome considering all seemed to be shaping up excellently at the time."

Ocean has just released his channel ORANGE album to enormous critical and popular acclaim. He was due to play this year's Future Music Festival but was forced to pull out for scheduling reasons.

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