Floya have an Epiphany with new single and video

24 June 2022 | 9:38 am | Staff Writer
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If there's been a better new band that has begun their journey this year, I don't want to know about it. Floya are Marv and Phil, and they make the best floaty, ethereal music for people who are usually not into floaty, ethereal music.

(Lennart Kortmann)

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FLOYA returns with ethereal new single 'Epiphany'. After making waves with their last effort 'The Hymn', FLOYA is now showcasing a different facet of their sound with the introduction of 'Epiphany' - A deep dive into the more world music oriented features of the band.

Vocalist Phil had this to say: "Epiphany is the kind of song that’s inviting you to look inwards, to self reflect. It’s meant to get lost in it. So all you gotta do is lean back, close your eyes and start the journey."

The track was Recorded and produced by Chris Kempe (Embark Audio) and Mastered by Robin Schmidt (24-96 Mastering).

Rising from the ashes of ALAZKA & Time, The Valuator, the brand new group FLOYA emerge onto the music scene.

The German duo consisting of Phil Bayer & Marv Wilder establish a wild blend of solid foundations alongside modern EDM elements and world music. Carving a name for themselves individually in the past as the founders and songwriters of their praised acts, Phil & Marv are now headed on a journey of their own, exploring sound aesthetics across every genre following one simple mantra: There are no limits.

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With this statement engraved on their minds FLOYA strive to create something bigger than themselves, taking you on an unforgettable adventure into their very hearts.

Stream, download here: https://arisingempire.com/epiphany