Melb's Bar Open Is Throwing A Month-long Party To Celebrate Its 20th Birthday

31 January 2018 | 10:59 am | Staff Writer

Ever wanted to make your birthday last the whole month?

Legendary Fitzroy live music venue Bar Open is turning 20 and to celebrate it’s throwing a whole month of birthday festivities.

The huge musical program is set to highlight favourite acts from the last two decades including The Woohoo Revue, The Reefers, Lama Horns of Leroy, Fulton Street and a stack more.

Among the live acts will be a bunch of Bar Open's beloved events like Richie Twelve-Fifty’s 56th Slow Grind Fever and Make It Up Club, the world’s longest running night of improvised music.

All the fun will take place throughout the month of Feburary; for more information, head to theGuide.

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