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First Music Video From New ‘Grease’ Drops

11 March 2023 | 10:07 am | Mary Varvaris

Two episodes of Grease: Rise Of The Pink Ladies will premiere on 7 April.

(Source: Supplied)

With less than a month until Grease: Rise Of The Pink Ladies premieres on Paramount+ on 7 April, the streaming platform has unveiled the music video for Grease Is The Word.

As a press release detailed (via TV Tonight), the single is an updated take on a classic Grease tune written by Barry Gibb and performed by Frankie Valli and served as the opening track of the 1978 classic musical film.

The series is a prequel set four years before the events of the original Grease film in 1954. So, this show has no Rizzo, Jan, Frenchie, or Marty.

The stars of Rydell High are Marisa Davila as Jane, Cheyenne Isabel Wells as Olivia, Ari Notartomaso as Cynthia, Tricia Fukuhara as Nancy, Shanel Bailey as Hazel, Madison Thompson as Susan, Johnathan Nieves as Richie, Jason Schmidt as Buddy, Maxwell Whittington-Cooper as Wally and Jackie Hoffman as Assistant Principal McGee (via TV Blackbox).

The trailer shared last month incorporates the original theme tune from the film. However, songwriter Justin Tranter has written 31 new songs just for Rise Of The Pink Ladies. "I worked on the show for seven months straight, and I still listen to the music every day," Marisa Davila commented to Entertainment Weekly in December 2022. 

She also told the publication, "There’s absolutely no way you can get tired of them. It’s a no-skip soundtrack. Justin and their team managed to mold together the old ’50s style of music with a modern-day take on it."

Grease: Rise Of The Pink Ladies creator Annabel Oakes said that her unanswered questions behind the original Grease inspired her motivation behind the series. "I was like, ‘What was up with the Pink Ladies? Were those girl gangs real?’ I started googling, and I found out that there were real Pink Ladies at the high school of the original creator of Grease, Jim Jacobs," she told Entertainment Weekly.

Two episodes of Grease: Rise Of The Pink Ladies will premiere on 7 April, with the series continuing weekly from there. Check out the new version of Grease Is The Word below.