Fever Ray Announces New Album Co-Produced By Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

12 November 2022 | 12:06 pm | Mary Varvaris

The album comes out on 10 March 2023.

(Pic by Nina Andersson)

Fever Ray, real name Karin Dreijer, has announced that their third album and first in five years, Radical Romantics, will be released into the world on 10 March 2023 via Rabid Records.

Along with the album announcement, the If I Had A Heart singer has unveiled the single Carbon Dioxide, co-produced by Vessel. The Bristol-based producer composed the score for Robert Eggers' Viking epic, The Northman.

Radical Romantics follows their bold and challenging 2017 album, Plunge

The Swedish artist began working on their third solo album in 2019 in the Stockholm studios built with brother and fellow The Knife member Olof Dreijer. In 2020, Olof joined Dreijer to co-produce and co-write the album opener, What They Call Us, released last month and already one of the most powerful songs in the Fever Ray catalogue. The siblings also worked on three other tracks together; it's the first time they have worked on music together in eight years.

As well as the family reunion and Vessel co-produce, Radical Romantics also features further co-producers and performers, including the power duo of Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, Portuguese DJ and producer Nídia, Johannes Berglund, Peder Mannerfelt and Pär Grindvik'ss technicolour dance project Aasthma.

Dreijer wanted Carbon Dioxide to describe the feeling of falling in love behind an electro-pop backdrop. "I just think that the direction could be nice, happy, full of everything, extra everything,” Dreijer told Vessel during the song’s genesis. 

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Vessel added, "Carbon Dioxide, a compound which, being defined by its bond with oxygen, seems to me like a neat chemical expression of the essential compassion that the conditions for life on our planet depend. Compassion and joy; happiness guarded from sentimentality by the absurd and the grotesque; the extra-everything of unconstrained Nature."

Fever Ray is known for unusual vocal stylings, open musings on queer identity and sexuality, and unsettling forays through electronic music.

Pre-order Radical Romantics here.


1. What They Call Us
2. Shiver
3 New Utensils
4. Kandy
5. Even It Out
6. Looking For A Ghost
7. Carbon Dioxide
8. North
9. Tapping Fingers
10. Bottom Of The Ocean