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Far West Battlefront announce new album

19 October 2015 | 12:11 am | Alex Sievers
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Far West Battlefront got back in the game recently with their single, ‘Tiberian Sun’, and now they’ve just announced their new album.

Far West Battlefront returned recently with their single, ‘Tiberian Sun’, and now they’ve announced their new album.

The new release from the Adelaide metal outfit is called ‘Status Cross‘, and it's set to land on November 13th. So make sure you save the date.

The group began teasing new material about a week or so ago, and have now come through on their word with the new material. This will be their first proper release since 2013. You can check out the track listing for the record below.

1. Somerset

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2. Absolutions Arrival

3. Pale Horse

4. Elysian

5. Seek Misery

6. Perdition

7. A Fire Inside

8. God Particle

9. Eldritch Light

10. i Nyx

11. ii Erebus

12. Status Cross

13. Tiberian Sun

If you didn't hear it last week when it dropped, you can stream the album's first single, 'Tiberian Sun', just below.