Falls Festival's Marion Bay Leg To Not Go Ahead This Year

14 July 2020 | 1:59 pm | Staff Writer

"To be clear this is not a goodbye..."

Falls Festival has announced that its Marion Bay leg will not be going ahead this year.

The move was confirmed in a statement posted on the New Years' event's social pages today.

"During these unprecedented times, and like most industries, we must adjust our business operations to allow us the best opportunity for long term viability," the statement reads.

"To be clear this is not a goodbye, more a 'see you soon' to Tasmania."

The 2020/2021 festivals in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia are expected to go ahead as planned.

The move to not go ahead with a Marion Bay leg comes after Falls announced it would deliver an all-Australian line-up this year due to the COVID pandemic.

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"We have some of the most exciting acts in the world and this special 'home grown' edition of Falls will ensure that money stays in our local economy, providing maximum financial benefit for the Australian music community – artists, management, crew, agents, roadies, production etc - as well as the thousands of contractors and suppliers who rely on our events for their income," Falls producers, Paul Piticco and Jessica Ducrou, said in May.