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Fall Out Boy Is The Latest Band To Infuse Bodily Fluids In Vinyl

2 May 2023 | 1:24 pm | Mary Varvaris
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Introducing Crynyl, “records filled with real tears for maximum emotional fidelity."

(Source: Fall Out Boy)

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Fall Out Boy released their eighth album, So Much (For) Stardust back in March.

Overnight, the US rockers announced a new vinyl variant of the album filled with real-life tears from the band members. It has since sold out.

The band introduced Crynyl, “records filled with real tears for maximum emotional fidelity,” they explained on social media, becoming the latest band to infuse bodily fluids in vinyl. 

To be fair, tears are the least offensive fluids to pour out of our bodies – can you imagine a sweat-filled vinyl record?

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Earlier this year, Melbourne band Private Function unveiled the grossest (but most memorable) vinyl ever: urine-filled vinyl.

In an Instagram announcement, Private Function revealed the process behind the idea was tricky (and disgusting), which lead to the band not having a solid release date for the “Gold” records.

“Congratulations to the 50 people who ordered the “Gold” version of our new record… You just bought a liquid disc full of our piss,” Private Function wrote on social media in March.

The band continued, “We worked with local legends Salty Dog Records to build the world's first piss filled record, it turns out it’s really hard.

“Because of the annoying amount of experimentation needed to make this record work we don’t have a physical copy yet but here’s a video outlining the creation of it.”

The punk rockers then urged fans not to use the band members’ DNA to commit crimes.

Last week, Alice Cooper announced the reissue of his 1972 record, School’s Out, which will arrive wrapped in non-flammable panties. What’s going on with vinyl releases in 2023?

School’s Out also comes with a previously unreleased live show in Miami in May 1972, and Studio Extras with alternate and single versions of the title track, Gutter Cat, Alma Mater, and an early demo of Elected.

Back to Fall Out Boy: in mid-January, the pop-punk band announced the release date of their eighth album, So Much (For) Stardust, the arrival of a new single, Love From The Other Side and the announcement that they re-signed with Fueled By Ramen/Elektra.

Love From The Other Side found Fall Out Boy fully embracing rock music again. There are energetic guitars, drums, bass, and fully-charged vocals from Patrick Stump. The good news is that it doesn't feel watered-down or phoned in; it's a genuinely exciting rock song from the American band in 2023.

A week later, they released a second single; Heartbreak Feels So Good.

So Much (For) Stardust was produced by Neal Avron, who the band worked with on the beloved holy trinity of 2000s-emo: From Under The Cork Tree, Infinity On High, and Folie à Deux.